Food Action Presents: Harvest Dinner
6:30pm 6:30pm

Food Action Presents: Harvest Dinner

Celebrate the Harvest with Food Action! Join us at MOHAI on September 28th for a local, organic, and sustainably grown meal, prepared by world-renowned Chef Kaspar. Dinner will be paired with an engaging discussion about food systems with industry experts and community members. You will have the opportunity to strengthen your community and take active part in increasing food systems sustainability. The evening will benefit Food Action in our mission to create a food system that supports a healthy, just, and equitable society.

Includes a fundraising raffle with prizes donated by local businesses & organizations, as well as those passionate about sustainable food!

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Designing for Happiness Workshop
1:30pm 1:30pm

Designing for Happiness Workshop

TCN will be hosting a hands-on workshop at the upcoming Economics of Happiness Conference in Port Townsend, WA!

Our built urban environments have a strong impact on our levels of happiness and wellbeing. With increasingly more happiness data being collected around the world, we're seeing more examples of how our governments are able to utilize this data to make better policy and planning decisions at various scales.

At the Designing for Happiness workshop, you'll hear from Chelsea Glaser and Veronica Foster of Thriving Communities Network about the specific urban planning and design elements that impact our happiness, how to measure these impacts, and how our governments can improve our lives through urban design. You'll also learn what YOU can do to make your community a happier one.

Following the lecture, you will have the opportunity to apply your new knowledge in a fun and creative workshop in which you will design your own happy neighborhood!

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New in Town: Stories of Migration
5:00pm 5:00pm

New in Town: Stories of Migration

Thriving Communities Network and Seattle CityClub are two organizations dedicated to connecting communities and breaking down barriers to civic engagement. For this happy hour event, we will be coming together to host young professionals to meet, tell stories, and learn from each other's experiences of moving to Seattle. This is an introduction to the conversations we will be having at CityClub's upcoming Civic Bootcamp event on Immigration and Civic Engagement. 

With thousands of people moving to Seattle every year, this city cultivates an atmosphere of "newness". For some, they can find their niche in the tech community or on Capitol Hill, but for many, it is can be difficult to adapt to Seattle's unique urban culture.

At New In Town: Stories of Migration, we'll come together to share and listen to stories of moving to Seattle. We want to know how you connected you to your community, and broke down barriers, or where barriers and opportunities may still exist for you.

Admission includes your first drink! 

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Building a Better Boom: Designing a Thriving City for Everyone

Building a Better Boom: Designing a Thriving City for Everyone

Seattle is growing and changing faster than at any time in recent memory, largely due to the boom in the tech economy. In response to concerns about affordability and livability, the City of Seattle is currently in the middle of a multi-year effort to enact a variety of changes to land use, urban design and affordable housing policy. This is a critical time in Seattle's history for the public to get engaged and help shape a city that is sustainable, vibrant and affordable.

The Thriving Communities Network has joined forces with Seattle Tech 4 Housing to host this urban design and livability workshop. At the event, we will examine a few neighborhoods that are slated for policy changes, and we will create a feasible vision for how the neighborhoods can be made more affordable, inclusive and sustainable.

Speakers will include:

- Representatives from nonprofit housing provider Capitol Hill Housing on how affordable housing is built and operated.

- Architect David Neiman on how zoning, building codes and other city policies shape the resulting built environment.

- Development professionals on the processes and economics behind building housing.

- Representatives from the City of Seattle on how policy changes are enacted and how residents can influence policy.

Event Goals:

- To create a proposal for the City of Seattle for consideration when planning for neighborhood change.

- Grow workshop participants' network and expand everyone's understanding and perspective of how to achieve affordable housing and create car-free options.


Registration is $15 and includes lunch, however no one will be turned away for lack of funds. For scholarship tickets, email

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