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Designing for Happiness Workshop

TCN will be hosting a hands-on workshop at the upcoming Economics of Happiness Conference in Port Townsend, WA!

Our built urban environments have a strong impact on our levels of happiness and wellbeing. With increasingly more happiness data being collected around the world, we're seeing more examples of how our governments are able to utilize this data to make better policy and planning decisions at various scales.

At the Designing for Happiness workshop, you'll hear from Chelsea Glaser and Veronica Foster of Thriving Communities Network about the specific urban planning and design elements that impact our happiness, how to measure these impacts, and how our governments can improve our lives through urban design. You'll also learn what YOU can do to make your community a happier one.

Following the lecture, you will have the opportunity to apply your new knowledge in a fun and creative workshop in which you will design your own happy neighborhood!