Meet the Team


Veronica Foster


Veronica's goal is to increase happiness in communities through mindful interaction between humans and buildings. At the unique intersection of cognitive science and urban studies, Veronica uses her compelling design skills to spark interest and initiative towards building better communities. 

A photographer, a sidewalk enthusiast, and a lover of all things local, Veronica's creative enthusiasm will always drive her to be an arts and culture activist, especially in underserved neighborhoods. She is committed to working with and telling the stories of overlooked populations. To see more, visit


Chelsea Glaser


Chelsea is a civic entrepreneur, a storyteller, and a strategic problem solver. She has a background in sustainable development, local advocacy, and civic technology, and has  a passion for understanding methodologies for measuring subjective wellbeing and the role our built environments play in our happiness. She is an initiator with a knack for bridging efficient connections and collaborations for greater impact.

She is a community advocate, a Global Shaper, a writer, an urbanist, and a firm believer in the power of kindness. To see more, visit