What We Do


Workshops & Events

We use events both as a community organizing tool and a platform for empowerment. Whether it's a full-day immersive workshop or a happy hour, all of our events give you the tools to drive action.

Check out our events page to view what we've done and what's upcoming!


Action Planning Sessions

For companies, nonprofits, activists, and problem-solvers: we will work with you and your team to help you reach a larger audience and increase your impact. Whether you have a fresh idea, a project already on the go, or you just want to be making a bigger difference in your community, we will help you develop an action plan.




Trained and practiced facilitators, we can help you harness the wisdom and creativity of your team by efficiently collecting all ideas and drawing out action items.

We'll get to know your challenges and goals 1 v. 1 before coming to or hosting your team meeting or brainstorming session. 


Ambassador Program

Help your community thrive by being a catalyst for intentional kindness. With the mission to make communities stronger through an increased sense of belonging, we've put together a thoughtful toolkit for TCN Ambassadors to convene community and spread kindness around the world.